Women in SaaS Sales

Supporting Women in SaaS Sales

Supporting all forms of diversity and inclusion in our own hiring and on behalf of our clients is a key objective for Venatrix. Keep reading to find out more about how we power this initiative. 


What is the landscape for women in SaaS sales?


Women remain underrepresented across the SaaS industry and especially in Sales & Leaderships positions. Last year, 43% of the placements we made were female, but this is far out of line with the percentage that actually applied. At Venatrix we want to change that by highlighting how females can improve, benefit from and thrive in the SaaS industry.


How does Venatrix support women in SaaS sales?


We run a number of female friendly initiatives to encourage women to consider positions in sales in the SaaS industry including:  
  • Marketing campaigns highlighting our previous success stories of partnering with women
  • Vetting our job adverts used to attract candidates for gendered language
  • Running in-person networking events about women working in tech
  • Offering knowledge and consultancy to companies looking to improve their female- friendly candidate attraction processes and policies


Here are upcoming events to empower females working in the SaaS Industry


  • Wednesday May 10th - Women in B2B SaaS Sales - register for the event here! (P.S. - Use code Venatrix50 to get 50% off of your ticket)
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Women we work with

We got in touch with a few of the incredible women we have recently worked with to find out what they love about working in the industry & understand how a role in SaaS sales has impacted their careers. 

Anastasia Beaumont - EMEA SMB & Growth Business DevelopmentAirwallex

What do you enjoy about working in SaaS sales?

I love how dynamic SaaS sales is - whatever the solution the software company provides, it is great to get out there and get your message across to prospects! The energy that you put in and time you invest delivers results - it is what keeps me motivated! It's so fulfilling to be a visible individual within a company, directly see your own input turn into the collective success of the business and learn from each and every colleague along the way, regardless of where they are in their own careers. Also, It's a really inclusive industry, with a good SaaS professional network out there to share and be connected with; loads of events, webinars and meetups to exchange tips and learn from others in similar positions!


Ceri-anne Boucher - Strategic Partnerships at Moss  

How has SaaS sales helped you accelerate your career/skill set?

When selling a SaaS product, you need executive buy in as early in the process as possible to speed up the Sales Cycle. That meant rapidly developing an understanding of how a business operates, what execs care about and the language they use to make sure I sounded like them. Talk about jumping in at the deep end! But, now I can talk to anyone at any level within a company and feel confident.


Kaitlen Kelly - Sales Manager at Klaviyo

How did you get into SaaS sales? 

In my late twenties after spending six years in the Fashion industry post university, I was looking for a career change that would give me the opportunity to accelerate my career and increase my overall earning potential. My first role was a SDR at Outreach based in Seattle. I was nervous as ever to take the leap into a new industry and leave my formal education behind to give SaaS sales a chance. Now looking back, I wish someone had told me the opportunities that could come from a SDR role sooner!


Gabs Bojilova - SDR Trainer & Coach at MySales Coach 

What do you enjoy about working in SaaS sales? 

Getting into SaaS sales for me was the best career choice I could have made. Maybe I’m biased, but that bias comes from the fact that the journey I’ve taken has been hugely rewarding. Sales gives you freedom, it gives you a choice to be the best, to go above and beyond, to seek knowledge and to share it with others. I got into sales by taking a bet on my first manager, because back then, I had no idea that the ‘Graduate Commercial Associate’ role that I was going for, would in reality become my first SDR role. And the rest is… several promotions, coaching aspiring SDRs, joining sales communities, co-founding a side hustle, leading a superstar SDR team at an awesome hyper-growth start-up. It's the steep learning curves that keep me going, there really are no limits to what you can achieve in sales - it's empowering to know the opportunities are always there, and it's up to you to grab them!



Elaine 1

A note from our CEO - Elaine Tyler

“As a woman, I am hugely proud that Venatrix can help support more women into the SaaS industry. I know our clients are keen to support such initiatives to ensure equal representation across all levels of their businesses and I look forward to the future for women in SaaS.”

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