Our process

We work with the most entrepreneurial new-to-market candidates looking to land a career defining role with an exciting SaaS/ tech company. Our process is designed to help you make a great first impression with a hiring manager & we also offer interview coaching to help you succeed in your job search goals.

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Virtual Assessment

Let Venatrix show you what London’s fastest-growing tech companies are looking for in their sales teams, and how you can take advantage of those all-important job opportunities.

We meet the top 10% of applicants at our weekly online virtual assessments, designed to identify sales aptitude through individual presentations, & group activities.

If you're chosen to attend our virtual assessment, be prepared to be put through your paces! Attendees find it a rewarding learning experience, even those that don't make it through come away with valuable insights to set them in good stead for the future.



Interview process

We make sure all candidates we put forward for Saas sales roles are fully prepared and ready for any questions likely to be asked in an interview setting. 

Before going into the interview, we'll take you through all aspects of the business, briefing you on the background, what they do, how they operate, their vision for the future, and the purpose and objectives of the role you're interviewing for. We'll also take you through the format of the interview and provide information on the people you'll be meeting. 

All this ensures you have the best possible chance of a successful outcome.    

Once you've got the job

Our support doesn't stop there

We support your candidate through their first year in employment via the Venatrix sales training which is an nine-day, technology-specific sales course designed to give you the necessary skills to be a sales superstar.

Sales training
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The interview preparation Venatrix offers is absolutely indispensable. I was told so much that would never have occurred to me. The guidance and feedback given after my interviews and offer were really helpful, and the Sales Academy was great, teaching me the basic skills I needed to succeed in my role.

Sophie Peters

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I felt like I really built a relationship with the Venatrix team – you got to know me as a person rather than just a CV. It was the strength of the relationship that enabled you to find me a job that was right for me, and that suited my personality and strengths, rather than trying to put me into the first position available.


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Venatrix delivered an exciting assessment day, enthusiastically teaching essential sales skills thoroughly while recognising my strengths to match a dream role. I cannot recommend Elaine and her team enough. You’ll do extremely well to come across an agency who are as committed.


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Venatrix is full of great people, and the people make the place- you’re really professional and positive. I built up a great relationship with my Talent Manager, who was really helpful even after I’d started my job. Venatrix seems to care about people rather than just seeing us as numbers.

Carl Hedberg

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The support you gave me even after I got my job. My Talent Manager and I were in constant contact in and out of office hours. It felt like such a caring company.