Post Placement Support

Venatrix offers extensive support for our clients & candidates

Once placed, our relationship with our clients & candidates does not end there.


For newly hired SDRs, we offer you: 
  • The opportunity to complete the prestigious Venatrix Sales Academy, which is 8 modules of entry-level sales training designed specifically to help reduce ramp time and increase impact for newly hired SDRs
  • The invitation to be part of our SDR community. We sponsor a number of events with our strategic partners, Sales Confidence and SDRs Anonymous. We can give you access to a blend of in person and virtual events which will expose you to other high performing SDRs, previous SDRs and SDR experts to enhance your knowledge of the SDR role, improve your results and ultimately expedite your progression within your new role.
For our client partners, we offer you:
  • The invitation to be part of our community for SaaS leaders through our partnership with Sales Confidence. We will invite you to our events for SDR Leaders, CROs, VPs and SaaS Founders where you will be able to hear from your peers as they tackle the challenges of launching and scaling an SDR team/ a SaaS business, The events are run either in person in London or online.