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Motivated & enthusiastic? Ambitious & goal orientated? Excited by SaaS, people and working as part of a highly successful team? We are happy to consider applications from potential team members across the spectrum of experience levels.

Be fearless

Be fearless

Venatrix – only for the brave!

We are always on the look out for top talent to join our ambitious team. If you think you could suited to a fast paced and challenging role in graduate recruitment then call us now to discuss your application.

Be yourself

Be yourself

We have both candidate and client facing roles for budding graduate recruitment professionals. From interviewing candidates, to running assessment centres to managing recruitment campaigns on behalf of clients, Venatrix has a range of exciting roles available.

Be brilliant

Be brilliant

Venatrix is investment funded which means we operate to strict growth targets. This pushes us to be brilliant at what we do. So if you're joining us you need to be too. We offer exciting careers and extensive opportunities for all our top performers.


Accelerated commission structure

The sky's the limit. We offer an industry-leading commission structure designed to heavily incentivise top performers. Your success is our success, we want you to feel like a rockstar when you get that first big commission cheque.

Work environment

We operate in a fun and vibrant WeWork office space that allows us flexibility in the way that we work, and the ability to build wider community networks. Based in the thriving hub of Spitalfields we're also located closeby to many of our clients.

Advanced training

For us, training is key and consistently provided. You'll have the opportunity to complete the 8 module sales training offered to our candidates, along with weekly market intelligence training sessions, monthly soft skills training, and ongoing support.

Well defined career path

Hold on to your hats – we are growing quickly! For you, this means an exciting career path lies ahead and progression opportunities are there for the taking for top performers. The people we recruit today are the future leaders and managers. What are you waiting for?

Monthly lunch club

As a team, we work hard and play hard. We reward good performance and monthly lunch clubs are just one of the ways we do this. It gives us the opportunity to take the afternoon off, and all go out as a team to celebrate what we've achieved together.

Perks of the job

We also offer a whole bunch of incentives including meals out, team drinks and events, as we believe that a happy and fun team environment contributes to us becoming the best at what we do and most motivated in the industry.

What we look for

Given what we do, the people we recruit must be the best of the best to validate our business model. To join Team Venatrix you'll need:

  • A degree in any subject
  • A fiery ambition to be successful that drives you to perform every task to the very best of your ability
  • The ability to self-start, solve problems & provide both challenging questions and innovative solutions
  • A competitive streak & a desire to win and be the best, both individually and as part of a team
  • A positive attitude that supports you through challenges and feeds the environment around you
  • Emotional intelligence, wit and humour – we work in a people-based industry so your communication skills and ability to read others will be paramount to your success
  • To be heavily motivated by money and progression. We need people who are always thinking about how they are going to advance their career to that bigger and better paycheck

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