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Talent attraction

Top talent is hard to find. Particularly for business to business companies that graduates may not be familiar with.

A key part of our process is creating a brand the graduates understand, trust, and identify with when looking for a career. We invest time, money, and resources into multiple channels to bring you results.

If there is talent out there to be found, the Venatrix consultants will work tirelessly to hunt it down and deliver to your business.


Annual applications

There's always a high-level of interest in the roles we place for, so we see large volumes of applications. This is the average number of applications we receive each year from graduates and sales professionals for our frequently advertised SaaS sales roles.


Phone interviews

With demand for SaaS sales roles being at record high, we spend a considerable amount of time separating out those who are more than just talk. We want to secure you the sales and customer service rock stars that we know will become valuable assets to your business.



Is the maximum number of candidates we'll put forward to you for interview. Our process and final shortlisting based on skill-set and cultural fit, are critical for us to get right. We know you're busy and want to make sure you see only the very best candidates to match your requirements.

Phone Interview

Our process

A comprehensive process that tests a candidate’s sales competencies can be costly and take up time. For someone with limited commercial experience, a face to face interview simply doesn’t cut it.

Our in-depth process includes a CV screening, followed by a 30 minute telephone interview. Those that progress through the telephone interview are invited to attend an assessment centre. The assessment centre is designed to be a fun, informative, and challenging experience for the budding sales graduate.

You can be confident a Ventarix graduate has been put through their paces through our rigorous screening process to fully qualify them before they ever meet with you. We save time and hassle in the recruitment process so you can spend your time doing what you do best, running your business.

Our results

Getting a return on your investment

Once placed with your company, we then help you to unlock the raw talent we've helped bring on board with our six-module Sales Academy.

The Sales Academy has been specifically designed to support graduate salespeople navigate successfully through the early stages of their careers and help them bring you quick and effective results. See our sales training page for more details.

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Incentive Winners
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Venatrix knows exactly what sort of candidate I’m looking for. Every hire has been a huge success and a top global performer. In fact, two of the guys we hired through Venatrix went on our President’s Club trip to Hawaii as global number one and two performers.

Gary Lenaghan

Director of Sales at BrightEdge

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Venatrix is quite simply brilliant. They consistently deliver top sales talent to the fastest growing B2B SaaS companies. Sales Confidence Sales Leaders have built their sales engines more quickly as a result of their input. Trust in their process, skills, and team!

James Ski

Founder and CEO Sales Confidence