5 May

Posted by Sam Lewis

Working as an estate agent? Here's how you can become an SDR!

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Working as an estate agent? Here’s how you can become an SDR

At Venatrix, we’ve been assisting candidates with a background in estate agency into SDR (Sales
Development Representative) roles since 2015. We know what “good” looks like, and often
individuals don’t realise that they could excel in a sales role with one of our clients due to already
acquiring excellent sales skills as an estate agent.

Working in estate agency can be incredibly lucrative, and if you’re someone who has a passion
for property and an established client base, it can be hard to fathom that there are even better
opportunities out there.

The benefit that you have is that you’ve already got experience in sales, and you’ll already be
used to the proactive selling skills needed to excel as an SDR. We’re going to break down some
key selling points that entices estate agents to make the move, as well as how we can assist you
as a prospective candidate!

Salary and bonus

Let’s cut to the chase - basic salaries in estate agency are known to be lower due to the
commission/bonus structures in place depending on the branch you work in, as well as your
seniority. Even if you’re earning what is considered a high basic salary in industry, our average
starting salary for even junior roles sits at the £30,000 mark, plus commission or bonus.
This means that the earning potential opens up considerably, and will enable you to get to your
goal income quicker than if you were to stay in estate agency.

Granted, money may not be your only motivator and that’s absolutely fine. However, in our
experience we find that it is a core deciding factor for many estate agents, as it gives them
financial security as well as the potential to maximise their earnings way more than they could
have originally.


Additional annual leave, gym memberships, corporate discounts, and catered breakfasts/lunches
are just some (but not all) of the perks that our clients offer.

Due to the market being incredibly competitive, companies have to stay up to date with the
demands, which means that there is often an extensive list of attractive benefits on offer for

Although estate agency can offer some perks such as a company car and potentially some other
expenses covered, the sector that we operate in surpasses this every time (we’d be happy to
elaborate on the phone!).

Working hours/work-life balance

Prescriptive hours don’t exist in a sales role, and there will be times that you’ll naturally work
longer depending on your responsibilities that day.

However, the most significant change that you’ll see when working as an SDR is claiming back
your weekend. No more Saturday and Sunday viewings, and no more super unsociable hours
from Monday-Friday, either.

Exposure to different clientele

Feedback that we consistently get from placed candidates who have formerly worked in estate
agency is the variety of clientele that they are exposed to. As an SDR, you’re working on a B2B
basis, so the types of conversations you have will be entirely different and will also have more

Depending on the type of company that you work in, you’ll develop your commercial sales skills
as well as being able to network with individuals that you previously wouldn’t have had access to
working as an estate agent!

Career progression

If career progression is a key motivator for you, then transitioning into an SDR role is the next
logical step.

Not only can you progress linearly within an organisation, but there are multiple career paths
available should you wish to make a change later on down the line.

The beauty of working as an SDR is it opens up many doors that estate agency unfortunately
doesn’t offer, which is why it’s an attractive prospect for many looking to make a change. The
skills that you will acquire will be a lot more valuable in the long term.

How it works

We have helped numerous individuals make the transition from estate agency into an SDR role.
We do this via a live assessment centre, which gives you the opportunity to come and trial what it
would be like, using real-life scenarios, not just a formal setting that you’d predominantly be used
to in a face-to-face interview.

Not only does this allow us to see whether you’d be a good fit for our clients, but it also gives you
the opportunity to see whether you’d like this type of role, too. This method has worked
incredibly well for us over the years, as it means that we have a higher placement ratio, which
also equals happier candidates as they aren’t going into a new opportunity “blind”!

If you’d like to discuss an opportunity, please contact us directly. Additionally, if you want us to
expand on any of the points raised in this article please e-mail info@venatrixuk.com and we
will be in touch