5 Oct

Posted by Liv Phillips

Venatrix turns 7!

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Venatrix has officially turned 7! Can you believe it! This also means that our CEO, Elaine Tyler, is also celebrating her 7th year anniversary at Venatrix. It has been the most incredible 7 years watching the company grow from strength to strength, increase its hires, place over 2000 candidates into new organisations and move into stunning new offices in Liverpool Street.  


We sat down with Elaine and asked her a few questions about Venatrix, how she juggles work and play and how proud she is of the company she has created.


Prior to Venatrix, did you always envision being the CEO of a recruitment company?

I started doing recruitment when I was 22! I joined as the equivalent of a Talent Executive which is the junior role in Venatrix. It very quickly captured my imagination and I realised I enjoyed both helping individuals find a new role and companies hiring top talent to join their teams. My career progressed and due to my performance I got lots of opportunities within this business to move into management and leadership. So by the time I was 26 years old, I was running an office in London and from there that was when I knew I wanted to be a leader within the recruitment space. So, when the opportunity came for me to found Venatrix, it felt like a natural route and something I definitely wanted to take advantage of. 


If you could describe Venatrix in 3 words, what would they be?

Effective, impactful and fun!


What level of growth do you hope to see in the next 5 years?

So, our key target initially is to dominate our home markets. At the moment, we are focussed on placing SDRs into, for the majority, London based organisations. This has been our strategy since 2020 in the post covid era where we had lots of opportunity in London, so we decided to focus solely on that niche. Once we have achieved this goal, we will look into other geographies - so we could be recruiting for the rest of the UK, across Europe and Stateside. So ultimately, the plan is to grow the business by geographic region as and when the time's right. 


What do you like to do when you’re not in the office working?

I converted a Mercedes extra long wheel base sprinter van in 2021! At the back end of last year and many weekends this year, my fiancé and I travelled to various locations across the countryside of the UK, pitched up, had a barbecue, went out walking and saw the sights. So I've really enjoyed doing that. I also enjoy sampling all the roast dinners in Hackney - a great winter activity on a Sunday! Following Man United for my sin, I also love keeping fit through a range of different sporting activities eg. yoga, pilates, weight lifting and running!


What are you most proud about in Venatrix?

I am most proud of the volume of candidates we have been able to help into their first role over the time we’ve been established. We’ve placed over 2000 individuals - meaning we’ve kickstarted over 2000 careers! The reason why I’m most proud of this is because I have a lot of empathy with the candidates that we work with - it’s really difficult when you first land in the job market, you are cut loose from the educational system, you don’t really know what opportunities there are out there for you, and the great thing about Venatrix is that it offers that helping hand to individuals who’ve got limited or no commercial experience to help them understand their skillset could look like and how it would be valued by a business and ultimately how to present themselves to a hiring manager in a company to help them get a job. I think if you take a look at our Glassdoor/Google reviews time and time again there is that common theme that the team help the candidates and open their eyes to what they need to do in order to be able to impress and land a role in a company that would be a great springboard for them into their career. 


If you want to learn more about Venatrix, fancy getting a job in SaaS or even just want to know the next steps after graduating, send us an email! info@venatrixuk.com