18 Aug

Posted by Liv Phillips

Meet the team!

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You found us! We hope that wasn’t too much of a mission... Welcome to The Venatrix Verse! This blog is the start of a new beginning for us - it’ll be posted twice a month with updates from within the Venatrix world (eg. what’s going on, new hires, new wins, events, socials, trips) - and trust us, there is never a dull day with Team V.

Venatrix was founded in 2015 by our amazing CEO, Elaine Tyler. She has built out a great team who look after clients, candidates, operations and even marketing. Elaine was shortlisted for CEO of the Year at Recruitment Entrepreneur’s Annual Awards 2022 (incredible) and actually chased our investor out of the building when pitching to get a decision as to whether he would invest in Venatrix! A fun fact about Elaine is that she has a giant custom Mercedes Sprinter camper van which she’s camped in for most weekends this summer.

After Elaine, Venatrix’ second hire was none other than Sophie Allen, our Business Development Director. Sophie has been at Venatrix for 6 years and has made an incredible impact! She even won Recruitment Entrepreneurs ‘Top Biller’ of 2021 - serious moves. Fun fact about Sophie, she grew up in West Africa, and now lives in the South of France (jealous much?!). We asked Sophie what her FAVOURITE part about working for Venatrix was, and she said it’s how she regularly helps leaders of SaaS Companies grow their businesses.

Next up we have Miss Tara Jackson, our Divisional Team Lead. Tara has been with the team for 4 years and goes above and beyond for every single candidate she speaks to. She is an absolute MAGICIAN at what she does, and we can’t say we aren’t envious of her confidence and just go getter attitude in everything that she does. Fun fact about Tara, she ran the London Marathon in a GROUNDBREAKING time of 3 hours 42 minutes. Now if that’s a time you think you can top, you know who to message… Tara’s favourite part about working for Venatrix is all the different people she gets to meet as well as watching their progression from SDRs to AEs.

Moving on, we have Natasha McLellan, our Senior Consultant (or Tash as she’s known to the team). Tash is a superstar and has been working her magic for 3.5 years! She used to work as a make up artist for Laura Mercier and… drum roll.. Irish danced competitively for 18 years! Tash’s favorite part about working for Venatrix is changing people's lives (cue the tears).

Saskia Williams was the next hire  for Venatrix, and what a legend she’s been. She joined 2 years ago, and has recently been promoted to Team Lead, meaning she now manages her own team of consultants. Pretty cool if you ask us? Saskia has nothing but good feedback from her candidates - no surprise as she is a superstar at what she does. She actually applied to be an SDR before she landed her role at Venatrix, so she is very clued up on the interview process. Her favourite part about working for Venatrix is the progression and meeting all the different candidates.

The brain behind our operations and the person who continues to keep the cogs moving is the wonderful Bella Nabers. Bella is our Executive Coordinator and has been with Team V for nearly a year. She is a crucial part of the team; where on earth would we be without her! Bella played tennis to a very high level for 15 years, and is a dog mum to JET (the cutest pup and our office dog forever). Bella’s favourite part about working for Venatrix is how ​​she gets to carve out her own ops department & creates new processes to allow the business to thrive.

Now onto our 2022 hires!! This year, the business has gone from strength to strength - and we only went and made three new additions to the business! Liv Adams is one of our two very talented Talent Managers, and has already received a promotion after only joining 8 months ago. She is currently training for the London Marathon alongside her amazing work at Venatrix - inspirational queen. Her favourite part about working for Venatrix is how she learns something new everyday, or is challenged in her current thought processes. Plus, Team V is incredibly motivational - everyone shows up every day giving it their best!

Our second Talent Manager is the lovely Rachel Kaye. Rachel joined Venatrix in February, and has also already received a promotion. Rachel has her own business called Giggling Willow where she sells hand painted gin glasses with 10% of the proceeds going to student minds! Her favourite part about working for Venatrix is working towards targets and being in a commission based role as she can always increase her earning potential - plus it allows her to work towards her own financial goals!

And FINALLY, we have our brand new Marketing Executive, Liv Phillips. Liv joined the team about 5 weeks ago. Two fun facts about her are that she starred in a BBC documentary and has been in charge of manning the Venatrix Linkedin page. Her favourite part about working for Venatrix is how the team all work together and contribute to every project/task, and how welcoming everyone was when she joined.

SO, if Venatrix sounds like a team you want to get involved with, guess what?! We are hiring for some brand new Talent Executives!! Fill in this form and one of the team will get back to you. We are an equal opportunity employer and we encourage everyone of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and abilities & disabilities to apply for this role. See you SOON!