2 Nov

Posted by Liv Phillips

Linkedin Live: All things SDR!

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Last week, our very own Liv Adams hosted a Linkedin Live with one of her old candidates, Brad Norgate. Liv placed Brad into his first SDR position in April 2022 and within 4 months, he was promoted to an Enterprise SDR!

There were around 50 attendees from a variety of different tech companies, all coming with very good questions for the hosts.

Liv asked Brad a number of questions to do with his career, how he found the Venatrix Process and what he is looking forward to as he continues to progress in his role. 


LA: What was your main reason for becoming an SDR in the SaaS space?

It’s a really easy one - the opportunity to become an SDR is ridiculous. The London SaaS space is just exploding - the career growth and earning potential is massive. There is no better time to jump into an SDR role now, the constant challenges make it very rewarding!


LA: How have your first 6 months been as an SDR?

It’s been great! I’ve recently been promoted into Enterprise which is very exciting. I love meeting all the fellow SDRs, and as I only recently moved to London, the community has been very helpful for sharing tips and tricks! With regards to Congism, the training has been world class, learning soft skills like communication, learning perseverance - it takes a lot of grit to do the SDR role and hit targets!


LA: What’s been your biggest learning?

Network is your net worth. What I mean by that is, say yes to every meeting, every event, meet people and introduce yourself. From that, doors open - you will know people who know people, and I can't tell you how many opportunities have come up since I’ve had the confidence to go up and say hello to people! It’s fantastic for your career.


LA: What is the number one thing you love about being an SDR?

You own your own success - you feel like you are in control of yourself. I think that’s why entrepreneurs find it very appealing as you have your own responsibility! In terms of the day to day, there is always something different, new objections, new prospects and new accounts and companies that you’re working into. So I would say, if you love a new challenge and being kept on your toes, SDR is the one for you! 


LA: What has been your biggest challenge so far, and how have you overcome that challenge?

I would say consistency. Anyone can have a big month, but it’s about learning the habits, discipline and numbers. The way I overcame it was understanding that success leaves clues. The top performers at Cognism are always consistent - they show up to the office, make calls and get the job done. 


LA: From your perspective, what are your top 3 tips for SDRs?

  1. Speak to everyone
  2. Always be learning 
  3. Finding out your why


LA: Why Do you think people should take the leap of faith and join SaaS sales?

There’s nowhere else where you're going to get quick career growth and different opportunities. Make the jump, get in touch and speak to the Venatrix team!


Liv then went onto ask Brad more direct questions about Venatrix, how we work and the process that the candidates go through when applying for jobs!


LA: What led you to choosing Venatrix as your recruiters?

If anyone on here is connected with Liv on Linkedin, you will know what I mean about seeing that giant smile on every Linkedin post! Venatrix was at the front of my mind when I thought about changing career paths. I had a few bad recruitment experiences before, but I found that Venatrix were really concerned about making sure the role is right for you and making sure you’ll be happy and a good fit for your new company! The training provided ahead of the job was also very helpful.


LA: What did you like about The Venatrix Process?

Number one, my favourite part of it is that you get to see/work with everyone else who is applying for the same role. It allows you to scope out the competition, but also it allows you to learn from them and take nuggets of information from them. 


LA: What do you think the best part of the process was?

The assessment days! The roleplay is fantastic as it gives you an insight into the type of role you’re applying for. It sets you up for the final interview and gives you conviction to get things over the line. 


LA: What is your top tip for individuals coming through the process?

If you’re even debating a role, drop Liv or the rest of the Venatrix team a message and they will really help you out. Be yourself, bring your energy, don’t be nervous and be transparent! 


LA: Would you recommend Venatrix to someone wanting to get into SaaS?

Yes of course I would! Take the jump, get in touch, what's the worst that could happen. Venatrix will really show you what good recruitment is like.


Stay tuned for the next Linkedin live, and be sure to message Liv or any of the Venatrix team if you are wanting to get into the SaaS world!