12 Aug


My take on being a woman in sales


What’s it like being a female founder in the SaaS sales industry? It’s a question I get asked a lot. Here’s the answer.

This could be the shortest article I’ve written so far. That’s because when people ask me what it’s like to be a female founder in the sales industry, I have a very short answer.

I don’t think about it.

I have a lot of thoughts about being a founder, tons of opinions on sales, but on being a woman? Not much. Maybe I’m lucky. Being a woman has never stood in the way of me building my company. It’s never been an obstacle to winning clients or placing candidates. It’s not stopped me achieving investment or forging partnerships.

I’m always shocked when I read about pay gaps between men and women in business, but I can honestly say I’ve never experienced it, for me or my clients. It’s more likely that I hear about organisations introducing more flexible working policies, making it easier for women to succeed.

So, there’s your answer. However…

There need to be more of us

I do think about how to get more women into tech and sales. At our Venatrix Assessment and Sales Training Days, where we show grads the skills they need to succeed in SaaS sales, it’s generally 65% men, 35% women. We need more.

In the industry, decision-makers are majority male. 80%, maybe even 90%. This is not good enough.

I know that SaaS sales is a sector where women can succeed. The money is good. The people are fun. Sure, it’s tough, but you reap the rewards for the work you put in.

What is it about the industry that puts women off?

How can we make sales and tech more appealing at the application stage?

How we do it

As a recruitment company in the SaaS industry, our job is to provide our clients with the best prepared, most interview-ready candidates in the market. It doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female; we only want the best people for the job.

However, we are conscious of the stats above, so we make sure we don’t contribute to the disparity. We never have and never will make any decisions about who to send to interview based on gender. When we advertise positions, we run our ads through a text analyser to detect gender bias.

At our SDR events that we stage in partnership with Sales Confidence, we always try to have 50:50 men to women in our speaker line-up.

Celebrate female success

At Venatrix, we regularly check in with all the candidates we place. When they do well, we like to shout about it. We’re especially proud of the female SDRs we place and it’s great to see them winning.

One success story is Leonora. After being successful on our assessment day, Leonora met with several clients and secured a highly desirable position as an Account Executive at leading AI Cyber Security Company Darktrace. Fast forward 6 months and my Team Leader, Alex, receives this message:

“Hey Alex, I hope you are very well! I have just had the opportunity to move to the Middle East team. I am really having the most amazing time at Darktrace and working with some incredible global organisations and being involved in such growth! Thank you so much for your advice, guidance and the opportunity. It honestly has changed my life :)))”

It’s an incredible journey, from our assessment day 6 months ago to now working in Dubai at one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world. Great work!

Being female was no barrier for Leonora, nor should it be for anyone else.

Male or female, if you’re serious about building a career in the SaaS sales industry, we want to meet you.

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Phew! That’s nearly 700 words!