20 Apr


How to onboard remotely

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We’ve all been thrown into the deep end of remote working as of late, but if business is still ‘as usual’, and you’re grafting to keep up with your outbounds at home (possibly with kids, partners, and pets in very close proximity now), that doesn’t mean your hiring should stop. 

Luckily for us, thousands of businesses have been successfully hiring remotely for years, and I’ve scoured the best blogs and articles to compile a go-to guide for onboarding new employees remotely. 


So you’ve found ‘the one’ via video interview and it’s time to get the contracts signed so you can get going. Online platforms such as Juro create legally binding documents even when signed remotely through your laptop, and are super quick and easy to use. 


The joy of online ordering! Any equipment they’d usually be given in the office on the first day can be delivered directly to their home. The key is ensuring it arrives on time as it will be difficult to onboard without the right kit and will set your new starter off on a bad foot. Aim to get it there early.   


Meet-the-teams and getting to know everyone is arguably the trickiest part of remote onboarding. It’s crucial to ensure your new starter has digital face time with each team, to ensure they feel connected, engaged, and part of the team. It also helps to have a face and voice to put to email signatures.  

Make sure a team has time blocked out of their diary to meet your new starter in the first week by video conference call. The structure of this should be to introduce each individual member, explain what they do and how they’ll all work together, and set expectations. This can also be a good opportunity to talk about company cultures and values, as each team will bring something new to the discussion.   


What may seem like the biggest task, can easily be transferred digitally and gives your employee the opportunity to work through it more autonomously as well as walking through materials via video calls. Odro and Zoom are excellent platforms for video team meetings. 

Ensure your usual onboarding material is in a digital format and easily accessible for your new starter. To show them how to use certain systems like your CRM system, you can record a quick screen record video or use demo software such as WalkMe and DemoBuilder. If you’re onboarding a new BDR, have your sales team download some good calls for them to listen to and send their scripts over to help your BDR put their own script together from home. Call listening is key for sales training, and software services such as AirCall and Refract allow this to be done remotely, so you can keep an ear on your new starters calls and provide feedback. 

Mentors are also a great idea for offering more immediate support to new starters. You won’t always be available for the quick questions and you don’t want to hinder your new starter's productivity, so allocate someone from their team to be ‘on-call’ for any queries and additional support throughout their first few weeks. 

First 1-3 months 

‘Out of sight, front of mind’ is the new ‘out of sight, out of mind!’. There are 3 things you can do to support your new remote team members in their first few months. 

Communication is vital to ensure the success of remote onboarding (and working in general!). Frequent check-ins keep your new starter engaged. Daily 1-1’s should be scheduled for the first month and weekly 1-1’s should be scheduled on an ongoing basis once they’ve settled in.  

Set them a 30/60/90 day plan so they have clear goals and structures to work towards remotely.  

Ensure they’re getting involved in team meetings on video calls from an early stage so they know they’re a valued member of the team despite not meeting face-to-face. 

Whether you’ve been unintentionally thrown into a remote working environment but need to keep things ticking, or it’s something your company are looking to implement on a more regular basis, there are no doubts that your team can still successfully onboard a new employee without meeting face-to-face. 

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