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Helen Brett

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Our Sales Academy is run by Helen Brett and is a best-in-class training scheme designed to help new-to-market salespeople build their skills quickly so employers benefit from a speedy return on investment.

The courses are attended by the candidates we have placed but can be attended by those searching for an introductory sales course- please find the details via Eventbrite.

All courses are fun, fast paced, and delivered online, normally over the course of the first 6-12 months in employment.


Sales Essentials

This course is designed to give graduates an overview of how their position is integral to the business and what it really means to be a sales person.


Powerful Pull Selling

Powerful Pull Selling is all about the approach and the sales methodology we take, pull and SPIN.


Commercial Connections & Campaigns

Our touchpoint plan is an operational framework based on best practices and aggregated industry data. We inform representatives how to organise their workflow and optimise lead contact so they can call lead at an optimal time and successfully follow up.


Online & Social Selling

We teach an omnichannel approach so an SDR has the highest conversion potential when they get a potential buyer on the phone.


Tactical Telephone Sales (Theory)

Representatives learn to empower the buyer to make informed decisions through a structured conversation, that leads the buyer to the desired conclusion.


Tactical Telephone Sales (Practical)

Within a competitive, yet supportive, environment, representatives will be sitting alongside one another working to secure the most meetings by the end of the session.


Converting Content & Emails

Sales people spend 33% of their time sending emails. This unique course focuses on optimising those emails to create a more effective use of that time.


Strategic Networking

By the end of the session, representatives will know where to find micro events and optimise their interactions to increase the number of meetings and leads secured on the day.

Bespoke sales training for clients

One of the services we regularly perform for our clients is putting together personalised sales training solutions for their team. Our team of experienced trainers will look at the challenges facing your team, then formulate a bespoke training programme to help them win.

If this is something that resonates with you, get in touch with Venatrix today:

  • We can deliver training at your offices, or you can visit us in Liverpool Street
  • It can be a one-off day-long course or an ongoing programme
  • We can train your team in person or online, the choice is yours